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Aweber is known in the industry as having an excellent autoresponder program that is highly recommended. Aweber is a powerful system with unlimited personalized messages, autoresponders, and campaigns, and the service has numerous needed and informative statistics. With a 100% risk-free refund policy Aweber is worth at least a trial run.

Another autoresponder service you may want to check out is 1shoppingcart. This is a full ecommerce solution that has an integrated autoresponder service.

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Dirt Cheap Autoresponder is a basic, solid, simple autoresponder. Other products, especially the online services, have many great features. But if you just want to send messages on a flexible schedule, without paying for extra features, this is it. Surprisingly, Dirt Cheap Autoresponder is the lowest priced autoresponder on the board. The maxim you get what you pay for is not true in this instance. This is a great program and it had no problems in our testing. The source code is not encrypted, you can run unlimited autoresponders, and put this on as many domains as you want. This is a steal.

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1. Aweber

2. Get Response

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1. Dirt Cheap Autoresponder

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Website Purchase Cost Monthly Cost Ads Responders Per Account Messages that can be Sent Personalized Statistics
Alstrasoft $160 --- No Unlimited Unlimited Yes Yes
Aweber --- $19.95 No Unlimited Unlimited Yes Yes
E-Z Response $49.95 --- No Unlimited Unlimited Yes Yes
FollowUp101 $99.95 --- No 22 Unlimited Yes Limited
Gammadyne $149 --- No Unlimited Unlimited Yes ---
Get Response --- $17.95 No Unlimited Unlimited Yes Yes
Dirt Cheap Autoresponder $35 --- No Unlimited Unlimited Yes No
List Mail $195 --- No Unlimited Unlimited Yes Yes
Infusionsoft --- $199 No Unlimited Unlimited Yes Yes
MyAutoResponderPro $49.95 --- No Unlimited Unlimited Yes No
NetOfficeToolBox --- $29 No Unlimited 10,000 names Yes Yes
PostMaster $199 --- No Unlimited Unlimited Yes No
EasyIBiz $67 --- No Unlimited Unlimited Yes No
RPG3 --- $10.95 No 20 Unlimited Yes Yes
PromaSoft 147 Euro --- No Unlimited Unlimited Yes Yes
Royal Responder --- $21.95 No Unlimited Unlimited Yes Yes
ContacterPlus $395 --- No Unlimited Unlimited Yes Yes
VarPro $449.95 --- No Unlimited 52 Yes Yes
eCommerce Automation $297 --- No Unlimited Unlimited Yes No

what is an autoresponder?

An autoresponder is an emailed automatic response provided to an inquiry. If you send an email to an autoresponder address you automatically receive a prewritten emailed response. Previously, only one response could be provided. If a person sent an email request, they received just one message back. This is the way autoresponders work that are provided to ISP and web hosts. Unfortunately, to obtain full value and advantage from an autoresponder, this is inadequate. You must have a system that automatically provides a number of responses.

why an autoresponder is a 'must have' for any internet business

Marketing studies have well documented that it often takes 5 or more contacts before a prospective customer will purchase a product or service. This is why major corporations run continuous ads in numerous media, even if solely for name recognition. The first time a person views your website, or ad for your product or service, they may not be ready at the precise time to make a purchase. They are also likely to soon forget your name. An autoresponder is the needed solution to these problems to dramatically increase your sales and customer retention. Simply - an autoresponder keeps you name and product or service in your prospective customer, or existing customer's, mindset.

how the autoresponders that are compared work

Each of the autoresponders listed in our table are sequential. In other words, multiple messages can be sent. A sample use would be when a website requests a person's email address to send them more information about a service. When the person sends their email address to the autoresponder, they automatically receive a confirmation message, and then as many messages have been programmed into the autoresponder. For instance, prepared information may be sent by the autoresponder each month for the next week, or on an established schedule - 2 days later, a week later, 15 days later, 45 days later, 90 days later, etc. Newsletters can also be setup as autoresponders.

what is the difference in purchase costs?

There are two general types of autoresponders. One is purchased. There is either a one-time purchase, or a yearly license fee. Purchased autoresponders are put on your website. Some cgi or other technical knowledge may be required, but generally support is provided or the seller will do the installation for you.

The second type of autoresponder is used via the Internet by an account. You pay a monthly fee and access your account information in setting up an autoresponder.

In the long run, the purchase of an autoresponder will generally be cheaper. And you may also have greater flexibility depending on your technical skills. Higher-end autoresponders, with a significant number of features and related options will be more expensive.

However, autoresponders accessed by paying a monthly fee are extremely rich in their features. One downside is that if payment is not made, and you have not saved a copy of your messages and customer list on your computer, that information can be lost.

Another concern is spam and a very important issue may be liability. Having a third-party administer your autoresponder through a monthly-fee web subscription may help insulate you from spam-related liability if there is a question about opt-out requests being granted.

Some free autoresponders are available, but they are typically free because they are ad supported. Third party ads are included in your messages. This is not recommended and is counter-productive to your purpose. You want to look professional, and using a free ad-supported service will not do, just like your website is probably not hosted on a free ad-supported web host.